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Enhance Taq DNA Polymerase Specificity & Yield - ThermaStop™

Enhance Taq DNA Polymerase Specificity & Yield - ThermaStop™

Cambridge Bioscience offers an innovative hot start and cold stop reagent for enhanced Taq DNA polymerase specificity and product yield. For use in reactions involving any thermostable DNA polymerase, ThermaStop™ is a proprietary additive designed to dramatically improve specificity and yield for cleaner, robust reactions.

Benefits Of Using ThermaStop™
• Outperforms hot start antibodies
• Effectively suppresses formation of primer dimers/non-specific products before PCR
• Eliminates amplification in no-template controls
• Allows convenient preparation & stable storage of master mixes at room temperature prior to PCR for ≤36 hours 
• Rapidly inactivated in first PCR cycle so no need for extended high temperature incubation
• Immediately re-activated upon cooling enabling resumption of PCR cycling & safeguards product integrity at endpoint for downstream applications
• Stable non-aptamer, chemically modified nucleic acid not affected by proteases
• Does not contain magnesium, dNTPs or PCR buffer components

Universal Hot Start Reagent

ThermaStop improves product specificity & yield of commercial non-hot start & hot start Taq DNA polymerases*represents hot-start enzyme, M is 100 bp ladder.

Multiplexing Without Extensive Primer Optimisation

Five pairs of asymmetric PCR primers not optimised for compatibility in silico were tested either without or with ThermaStop/ThermaGo (TS/TG).Individual pairs were also amplified with TS/TG. Reactions with TS/TG gave cleaner mixtures of the expected double-stranded & single-stranded amplicons with less nonspecific products. ds, double-stranded DNA; ss, single-stranded DNA; M, 100 bp ladder.

• Hot-start protection for all PCR forms
• Enhanced detection of low-copy number targets e.g. single cell PCR, digital PCR, rare target detection in liquid biopies/tumour samples
• Enhances accuracy of highly multiplexed-PCR for targeted NGS & other applications

• 1 unit of ThermaStop™ = amount required for maximum hot start activity in amplification reactions containing 1 unit of Taq DNA polymerase in a volume of 25 μl
• Add an equal number of units of ThermaStop™ & Taq DNA polymerase to PCR master mix
• NB PCR annealing temperature should be 60°C+ to ensure full polymerase activity

ThermaStop™ in combination with ThermaGo™ prevent mis-priming before, during and after PCR. To find out more about ThermaGo™ please Click Here

Material Available For Download
ThermaStop™ Protocol
ThermaStop™ Datasheet


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Applications: PCR, qPCR,Multiplex PCR
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Applications: PCR, qPCR,Multiplex PCR