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DNA/RNA Shield™ faecal collection tubes

DNA/RNA Shield™ faecal collection tubes
DNA/RNA Shield™ faecal collection tubes are pre-filled with a reagent enabling ambient temperature DNA & RNA preservation and pathogen inactivation of faecal samples. Using the scoop attached to

the screwcap, faecal samples can be collected directly into the tube pre-filled with DNA/RNA Shield™ with no need for reagent removal prior to nucleic acid purification. Samples collected are ready for downstream microbiomic analysis in 16S rRNA gene sequencing, shotgun metagenomic sequencing, arrays, PCR and other sensitive applications.

Benefits of using the DNA/RNA Shield™ faecal collection range
• No reagent removal required prior to nucleic acid purification
• Pre-filled with DNA/RNA Shield™
• RNA stable at room temperature for one month
• DNA stable at room temperature for two years
• Scoop attached to screwcap of tube
• Available with/without nylon swab

Product specifications
DNA/RNA Shield™ faecal collection tube
• 20 x 76 mm tube prefilled with DNA/RNA Shield™ (9 mL)
• Tube equipped with scoop attached to screwcap
DNA/RNA Shield™ collection tube w/ swab
• Nylon swab with 80 mm breakpoint
• 12 x 80 mm screwcap vial prefilled with DNA/RNA Shield™ (1 mL or 2 mL)

Stool sample RNA effectively stabilised in DNA/RNA Shield™ at ambient temperature

Cellular RNA from human whole blood and spike-in DNA and RNA controls from saliva, stool and tissue purified at the indicated time points and analyzed by (RT)qPCR. Controls: HSV-1 and HIV (AcroMetrix, Life Technologies).
Viruses, bacteria and yeast are effectively inactivated by DNA/RNA Shield™. Samples containing the infectious agent (virus, bacteria, yeast) were treated with DNA/RNA Shield™ or mock (PBS) treated for five minutes. Titer (PFU) was subsequently determined by plaque assay. Validated by:Influenza A - D. Poole and Prof. A. Mehle, Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Ebola (Kikwit) - L. Avena and Dr. A. Griffiths, Department of Virology and Immunology, Texas Biomedical Research Institute; HSV-1/2 - H. Oh, F. Diaz and Prof. D. Knipe, Virology Program, Harvard Medical School; E. coli, L. fermentum, B. subtilis, S. cerevisiae– Zymo Research Corporation)
*Disclaimer: This graph only displays results from E. coliinactivation. Each microbe was tested independently and were combined into one graph for brevity. Bacterial cultures were grown between 108 - 109 cells and yest cultures were grown between 107 - 108 cells.


High-quality DNA and RNA is efffectively purified from blood stored in DNA/RNA Shield™ using the Quick-DNA™ and Quick-RNA™ kits from Zymo Research respectively. High molecular weight DNA was intact with no apparent degradation. Also, RNA was high quality, DNA-free and incuded small RNAs when purified from DNA/RNA Shield™. This was not the case using another supplier’s product (data not shown).
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Material available to download
DNA RNA Shield™ Fecal Collection Tube Protcol.pdf
DNA/RNA Shield™ Collection Tube w/ Swab Protocol

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Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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