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ZymoBIOMICS Spike-In Control I - Quantify Absolute Microbiome Sample Cell Number
All-in-One Stabilisation DNA / RNA Shield™ Reagent
DNA/RNA Shield™ Microbial Pathogen Sample Collection Tubes

Optimise Your Microbiomics Workflows with ZymoBIOMICS™ Microbial Community Standards

DNA/RNA Shield™ sample collection tubes

DNA/RNA Shield™ sample collection tubes
DNA/RNA Shield™ sample collection tubes contain a reagent for ambient temperature nucleic acid preservation and pathogen inactivation. Available as simple microbial sample collection DNA/RNA Shield™ tubes or bead beating DNA/RNA Shield™ lysis tube formats, this portfolio enables streamlined purification with no need for DNA/RNA Shield™ reagent removal prior to purification. These tubes are compatible with cells, tissues, blood, plasma, serum, saliva, urine, faeces, environmental samples and others.

Benefits of using the DNA/RNA Shield™ microbial pathogen sample collection
• No reagent removal required prior to nucleic acid purification
• Tube prefilled with ultra-high density Bashingbeads™ for homogenisation
• RNA stable at room temperature for one month
• DNA stable at room temperature for two years
• Available with/without nylon swab

Microbial composition of stool is unchanged after one month at ambient temperature with DNA/RNA Shield™. Stool samples suspended in DNA/RNA Shield™ and stored at room temperature were compared to stool without reservative for one month. They were sampled at the indicated time points and processed with ZymoBIOMICS™ DNA Mini Kit. The extracted DNA was then subjected to microbial composition profiling via 16S rRNA gene targeted sequencing. Samples stored with DNA/RNA Shield™ had a constant microbial composition while the samples stored without shifted dramatically.

Viruses, bacteria and yeast are effectively inactivated by DNA/RNA Shield™. Samples containing the infectious agent (virus, bacteria, yeast) were treated with DNA/RNA Shield™ or mock (PBS) treated for 5 minutes. Titre (PFU) was subsequently determined by plaque assay. Validated by:Influenza A - D. Poole and Prof. A. Mehle, Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Ebola (Kikwit) - L. Avena and Dr. A. Griffiths, Department of Virology and Immunology, Texas Biomedical Research Institute; HSV-1/2 - H. Oh, F. Diaz and Prof. D. Knipe, Virology Program, Harvard Medical School; E. coli, L. fermentum, B. subtilis, S. cerevisiae– Zymo Research Corporation)
*Disclaimer: This graph only displays results from E. coli inactivation. Each microbe was tested independently and were combined into one graph for brevity. Bacterial cultures were grown between 108 - 109 cells and yeast cultures were grown between 107 - 108 cells.

Microbiomics portfolio
Our ZymoBIOMICS™ portfolio offers a complete workflow from streamlined collection through to analysis. Find out more Here

Material available to download
DNA/RNA Shield™ Collection Tube Protocol
DNA/RNA Shield™ Lysis Tubes Protocol

DNA/RNA Shield™ microbial pathogen sample collection references


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