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100 µg Ultra-Pure Plasmid DNA In 15 Minutes - ZymoPURE™ Miniprep

100 µg Ultra-Pure Plasmid DNA In 15 Minutes - ZymoPURE™ Miniprep

Cambridge Bioscience offers the ZymoPURE™ miniprep kit for the isolation of up to 100 µg of endotoxin, salt, protein and RNA-free transfection quality plasmid DNA from E. coli in less than 15 minutes.

Benefits of Using the ZymoPURE™ Miniprep Kit
• Ultra-pure DNA produced
• 15 minute protocol
• Up to 100 µg plasmid DNA isolated
• Simple protocol
• Reliable, consistent performance
• DNA ready for immediate use
• Wide downstream application compatibility
• Free samples available to trial

Get A Free Vacuum Manifold With ZymoPURE™
Buy two ZymoPURE™ MiniPrep (100 prep) kits (D4210) and get a free EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold. Quote EZVACFREE to redeem this offer. Offer ends 31st December 2017.

ZymoPURE™ Miniprep Yield & Concentration Comparison

Plasmid DNA (pGL3®) was isolated from 5 ml of JM109 E. coli culture grown overnight following the manufacturer’s suggested protocol (in duplicate). 1 µl of eluted plasmid DNA was visualised post agarose gel electrophoresis. M, ZR 1 kb DNA Marker (Zymo Research).

Free Samples
Request a free ZymoPURE™ miniprep sample Here

ZymoPURE™ Midiprep, Maxiprep & Gigiaprep
To find out more about ZymoPURE™ Midiprep, Maxiprep & Gigiaprep kits, please Click Here.

Material Available To Download
ZymoPURE™ Plasmid Miniprep Protocol


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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