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Ready-To-Use Hydrogel System For 3D Cell Culture - VitroGel™ 3D

Ready-To-Use Hydrogel System For 3D Cell Culture - VitroGel™ 3D

Cambridge Bioscience offers customisable, three-dimensional (3D), animal origin-free polysaccharide hydrogels. Designed to closely mimic the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) environment, the VitroGel™ 3D system is ready-to-use at room temperature, stable with neutral pH, transparent, permeable and transforms into a hydrogel matrix by simply mixing with a cell culture medium. Compatible with many different imaging systems and well suited for multiple 3D cell culture applications, VitroGel 3D enables both in vivo and in vitro studies to be performed using the same culture system.

Benefits Of Using VitroGel 3D
• Mimics natural extracellular matrix 
• Ready-to-use at room temperature
• Easy to use
• Transparent
• Permeable
• Neutral pH
• Stable
• Simple cell harvesting
• Injectable for in vivo studies
• Compatible with most imaging systems & downstream analysis

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VitroGel 3D Applications

• 3D cell culture
The hydrogel matrix supports cells to grow as 3D colonies over time. Drugs or other chemical compounds can be added to penetrate into hydrogel system for screening
• 2D coating
The hydrogel matrix can be used to coat substances that cells grow on
• Hydrogel injections
The hydrogel can be mixed with a cell suspension or other ionic solution to form an injectable hydrogel. This injectable hydrogel can be used for xenograft, drug delivery, bio-printing, microarray, etc
Cells can be harvested simply and easily from the hydrogel for further downstream applications

"A Pared-Down, Minimalist Hydrogel That is Easier to Use Than Matrigel®" - Science
In April 2017, a technology feature article entitled “Adding depth to cell culture” was published in Science discussing the development of 3D cell culture and the advantages and disadvantages of current technologies. VitroGel was described as "a pared-down, minimalist hydrogel that is easier to use than Matrigel." View the full article Here

Adherent & Non-Adherent Cell Lines
VitroGel 3D is recommended for use with non-adherent cell lines or where additional flexibility in the control of growth factors/proteins is required. VitroGel 3D-RGD is recommended for use with adherent cell lines. Please contact us if you need a customised product by Clicking Here

How does VitroGel™ 3D work?

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Material Available To Download
VitroGel 3D First Time User Note
VitroGel 3D Safety Data Sheet

VitroGel 3D Guidelines For Use
VitroGel 3D Case Studies
VitroGel 3D Demonstration Videos
3D Cell Culture Hydrogel System - VitroGel Video

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Applications: 3D and 2D cell culture research
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Applications: 3D and 2D cell culture research

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