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RNA Extraction From FFPE Samples - RNAstorm™

RNA Extraction From FFPE Samples - RNAstorm™
Cambridge Bioscience offers an RNA extraction kit specifically for use with formalin-fixed (paraffin embedded or in fixative) tissue samples. Using proprietary CAT5™ technology, RNAstorm™ enhances the removal of formaldehyde-induced damage (including on alkylated and crosslinked bases) providing up to 1.5 µg high-quality, amplifiable RNA suitable for RNAseq, PCR, qPCR/RT-PCR or microarrays with only 50 minutes of hands-on time.  This technology was developed by Cell Data Sciences researchers, building on research initiated at Stanford University and published in Nature Chemistry in 2015.

Benefits Of Using RNAstorm™
• Designed for use with formalin-fixed samples (paraffin embedded or in fixative)
• Up to 1.5 µg RNA isolated
• 50 minutes hands-on time
• All necessary reagents provided in spin-column format
• Total RNA (including miRNA) isolated
• CAT5™ technology enhances the removal of formaldehyde-induced damage
• Better template quality for reverse transcription & other enzymatic manipulation

Higher Yields of Amplifiable RNA
Significant improvements in RNA yield and quality (as measured by amount of amplifiable RNA) are seen using a prototype of the RNAstorm™ kit on FFPE samples from various tissues and ranging in age from 1976 to 2015.

Comparison of RNA recovery by quantitative RT-PCR from FFPE tissues. “Q” represents competitive commercial FFPE extraction kits.

Higher Integrity RNA
Increased RNA integrity is observed for RNA extracted using the RNAstorm™ kit. An exemplary comparison with a popular commercial kit is shown below (Agilent Bioanalyzer RNA 6000 nano)

Increases in DV200 (the percentage of RNA with length > 200 nt) were seen for a variety of tissue samples.

Material Available For Download
RNAstorm™ 50 extractions (CD501) Manual
RNAstorm™ Sample Kit (20 extractions) Manual
Technical Note: RNA Extraction from FFPE Samples
Technical Note: Next Generation Sequencing of RNA from FFPE Samples


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