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Sensitive, antibody-based exosome quantification - ExoELISA™

Sensitive, antibody-based exosome quantification - ExoELISA™

The sensitive ExoELISA™ kits enable the detection and quantification of specific exosomal subpopulations. Compatible with exosomes isolated by ExoQuick™, ExoQuick-TC™ or by ultracentrifugation techniques, the ExoELISA™ range enables the easy quantification of the three well-characterised exosome markers CD9, CD63 or CD81.

Quantification of exosomes using ExoELISA™

The exosome particles and their proteins are directly immobilised onto the wells of the microtiter plate. After binding, wells are coated with a block agent to prevent nonspecific binding of the detection antibody. The detection antibody is added to the wells for binding to specific antigen (e.g. CD63) protein on the exosomes. Extra-sensitive TMB is used for the assay read-out.  ExoELISA kits come with exosome standards to make calibration curves.

Material available for download
Exosome Antibodies, Arrays and ELISAs product sheet
Exosome Antibody and ELISA kits user manual


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