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Exosome isolation & purification - ExoQuick®

Exosome isolation & purification - ExoQuick®

The ExoQuick® range of precipitation reagents from System Biosciences enable the high-throughput, quantitative isolation of exosomes from low sample volumes. Compatible with any biofluid and a wide variety of downstream applications, the ExoQuick® range is an effective and proven alternative to ultracentrifugation.

Benefits of using ExoQuick®
• Simple, one step process
• Compatible with any biofluid
• Low sample input requirements - >100µl of serum or bio-fluid
• No ultracentrifugation

ExoQuick® workflow

ExoQuick® Workflow


ExoQuick® product range

ExoQuick® For serum, plasma & ascites fluid
ExoQuick-TC® For tissue culture media, saliva, urine, follicular fluid and breast milk
ExoQuick-CG®  For pre-clinical in vivo applications
ExoQuick-LP® Remove contaminating lipoprotein particles from plasma/serum before ExoQuick® precipitation
ExoQuick® ULTRA For EV isolation from serum and plasma
ExoQuick-TC® ULTRA For EV isolation from tissue culture media

Find out more about Exoquick-TC® Here

ExoQuick® ULTRA
Find out more about ExoQuick® ULTRA Here

SeraMir™ RNA Purification
We also offer an all-in-one exosome RNA isolation and purification kit. Combining ExoQuick® and SeraMir™ RNA columns for the purification of exosomal RNA, the SeraMir™ kit enables researchers to go from sample to amplified exoRNAs in one day. Find out more Here

Material available for download

ExoQuick® ULTRA  and ExoQuick-TC® ULTRA Datasheet
ExoQuick® ULTRA User Manual
ExoQuick-TC® ULTRA User Manual
ExoQuick™ Datasheet
ExoQuick-TC™ Datasheet
ExoQuick™ User Manual
ExoQuick-TC™ User Manual
ExoQuick-CG™ User Manual
ExoQuick-LP™ User Manual


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