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Efficient Pathogen DNA & RNA Isolation

Ultrasensitive Visible Blue Nucleic Acid Gel Stain

Total RNA Isolation From Fungi & Bacteria - Quick-RNA™

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Monitor Exosome Cargo Delivery In Real-Time - Exo-Glow™

Monitor Exosome Cargo Delivery In Real-Time - Exo-Glow™

Cambridge Bioscience offers a kit which enables the tracking of cellular interaction and uptake of exosomes in vivo. With Exo-Red designed to label exosome internal RNA and Exo-Green designed to label internal exosome proteins, the novel Exo-Glow kit allows researchers to monitor exosome cargo delivery in real-time.

Benefits of Using Exo-Glow™
• Simple protocol
• Real-time tracking of cellular interaction & uptake
• Available as complete kit or individual components

How Exo-Glow Works™

Monitoring Exosome Interaction & Uptake in Cells with Exo-Glow™

Human exosomes labelled with Exo-Red or Exo-Green dyes were added to target HEK 293 cells in culture. Cells were plated at about 1x10^5 cells in a standard 6 well culture plate. Approx. 100 ul of the labelled exosome suspension was added per 6 well with cells & allowed to interact/uptake for the time indicated
Material Available for Download

Exo-Glow™ Datasheet
Exo-Glow™ User Manual


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