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High Quality Leukaemia & Lymphoma Blood & Bone Marrow Samples
Environmentally Safe & Ultra-Sensitive EtBr Alternative
High Quality DNA & RNA Purification From Agarose

Highly effective & efficient in vitro delivery of Cas9 RNP for genome editing in challenging cells

His-Spin Protein Miniprep™

His-Spin Protein Miniprep™
Cambridge Bioscience offers a simple method to purify up to one mg of His-tagged protein from cell-free extracts in only five minutes, eluted into as little as 100 µl of buffer provided. The His-Spin Protein Miniprep™ is based on a nickel-charged His-Affinity Gel (IMAC), innovative protein purification and unique Fast-Spin column technology. Only a benchtop microcentrifuge is required and the purified protein can be used in many protein-based applications. 

Benefits of using the His-Spin Protein Miniprep™
• Five minute protocol
• Easy to use
• Only requires a benchtop microcentrifuge
• Purified protein can be used directly in a variety of downstream applications

Purification of 6X His-fusion proteins. E. coli cell extracts, containing indicated proteins (i.e., 112, 32, 18 kDa) expressed as a N-terminal 6X His-fusion, as well as the proteins purified using His-Spin Protein Miniprep™ were analyzed by SDS-PAGE in a 15 percent (w/v) polyacrylamide gel, and stained with Coomassie Blue®. The recombinant proteins were purposely expressed to a low level to demonstrate the efficiency of the His-Spin Protein Miniprep™.

Material available for download
His-Spin Protein Miniprep™ protocol


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