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Lentivector packaging systems - pPACK™

Lentivector packaging systems - pPACK™

The packaging plasmid mix pPACK™ produces all the structural and replication proteins needed to generate VSV-G-pseudotyped lentiviral particles containing an expression construct (constructed using SBI RNAi vectors, pGreenFire™ or pGreenZeo™ reporters, microRNA or cDNA vectors). Enabling cells to replicate expression constructs and package them into pseudoviral particles, the pPACK™ packaging plasmid mix efficiently packages the expression construct into highly transducible VSV-G-pseudotyped lentiviral particles.

Benefits of using the pPACK lentivector packaging systems
• High titre, transduction-ready pseudoviral particle generation
• Efficient delivery of constructs to a wide range of mammalian cells
• Stable lentivector construct expression
• Quantify pseudoviral titres and transduction efficiency using copGFP control
• FIV- and HIV-based lentivector packaging kits available

High titre lentivirus packaging systems

Material available for download
Guide to Lentivector Packaging and Transduction of Target Cells

Safety Guidelines With Lentiviral Delivery Systems


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