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Nitrate/Nitrite Assay Kits

Nitrate/Nitrite Assay Kits
Cambridge Bioscience offers sensitive and simple assays to measure nitrate, nitrite and/or total nitrate/nitrites in a wide variety of samples. The highly sensitive nitrate/nitrite fluorometric assay kit allows quantitation of previously undetectable low levels of nitrite (NO2-) and nitrate (NO3-) down to ~50 nM, accurately indicating total NO production. The simple two-step method in the nitrate/nitrite colourimetric assay kit measures total nitrate/nitrite concentration. First, nitrate is converted to nitrite using nitrate reductase and second, Griess Reagents are added to convert nitrite into a deep purple azo chromophore. Photometric measurement of the absorbance due to this azo chromophore accurately determines nitrite concentration.

NB: The nitrate/nitrite colourimetric assay kit cannot be used to analyse nitrate and nitrite from an in vitro assay of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in which excess NADPH has been added. For these assays a LDH method in a 96 well plate format (catalogue number CAY760871) can be used.

Benefits Of Using The Nitrate/Nitrite Fluorometric Assay Kit
• ~50 nM minimum detectable quantity of NO2/NO3
• 60 nM-3.85 μM (nitrate and/or nitrite) assay range
• Plate-based, fluorometric measurement (ex 360-365 nm, em 430 nm)
• Measure nitrate, nitrite &/or total nitrate/nitrites
• Compatible with plasma, serum, tissue culture media & tissue homogenates

Benefits Of Using The Nitrate/Nitrite Colourimetric Assay Kit CAY780001
• Measure nitrate, nitrite, and/or total nitrate/nitrites
• Compatible with plasma/serum, urine, tissue culture media & tissue homogenates
•  5-35 µM assay range
• Plate-based, colourimetric measurement (540-550 nm)

Material Available For Download

Nitrate/Nitrite Fluorometric Assay Kit Datasheet
Nitrate/Nitrite Colourimetric Assay Kit Datasheet


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