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QuickTiter™ Retrovirus Quantitation Kit

QuickTiter™ Retrovirus Quantitation Kit

Cambridge Bioscience offers an ultra-fast kit for retroviral titer quantification. Measuring the viral nucleic acid content of purified viruses or unpurified viral supernatant, this kit has detection sensitivity limit of 1.5 x 109 viral particles (VP)/mL, ideal for mid or high-titer retrovirus samples.

Benefits of Using the QuickTiter™ Retrovirus Quantitation Kit
• 1.5 x 109 VP/mL detection sensitivity limit
• Rapid procedure ~ 60 minutes
• Ideal for mid or high-titer retrovirus samples
• Use before or after purification of virus
• Measures viral nucleic acid content of purified retrovirus or unpurified retroviral supernatant

How the QuickTiter™ Kit Works
QuickTiter™ Retrovirus Quantitation Kit Citation List

Material Available for Download

QuickTiter™ Retrovirus Quantitation Kit Manual


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