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Platinum Retroviral Expression Complete Systems - Pantropic

Platinum Retroviral Expression Complete Systems - Pantropic

Cambridge Bioscience offers a retrovirus expression system for the simple and complete generation of replication-competent-free pantropic retrovirus at a high titer. Based on the 293T cell line, the potent Platinum packaging cell lines have been generated using packaging constructs with an EF1α promoter to ensure longer stability and high-yield retroviral structure protein expression.

Benefits of Using the Platinum Retroviral Expression Complete Systems
• High titer - 1 x 107 IFU/mL by transient transfection
• Longer stability compared to conventional lines
• High-yield protein expression compared to conventional lines
• Complete system - includes packaging cell, cloning/expression vector & GFP reporter plasmid
• Broad species compatibility
• Large cloning capacity - 3.8 kb & 4.4 kb for pMXs-Neo & pMXs-Puro expression vectors respectively

Kit components and the 293RTV expression cell line can be purchased separately. We also offer control plasmids and gene-specific plasmids. For more information, contact our Cell Biolabs Specialist Here.

Platinum Retroviral Expression Complete Systems (Pantropic) Citation List

Material Available for Download
Platinum Universal Retroviral Expression System (Pantropic)
Platinum ES/EC Retroviral Expression System (Pantropic)
Platinum HSC Retroviral Expression System (Pantropic)


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