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Platinum Retroviral Expression Complete Systems - Ecotropic

Platinum Retroviral Expression Complete Systems - Ecotropic

Cambridge Bioscience offers a retrovirus expression system for the simple and complete generation of replication-competent-free ecotropic retrovirus at a high titer. Based on the 293T cell line, the potent Platinum packaging cell lines have been generated using packaging constructs with an EF1α promoter to ensure longer stability and high-yield retroviral structure protein expression.

Benefits of Using the Platinum Retroviral Expression Complete Systems
• High titer - 1 x 107 IFU/mL by transient transfection
• Longer stability compared to conventional lines
• High-yield protein expression compared to conventional lines
• Complete system - includes Plat-E packaging cell, cloning/expression vector & GFP reporter plasmid
• Multiple species compatibility - readily infects mouse and rat cells
• Large cloning capacity - 4.4 kb for pMXs-Puro expression vector

Kit components and the 293RTV expression cell line can be purchased separately. We also offer control plasmids and gene-specific plasmids. For more information, contact our Cell Biolabs Specialist Here.

Material Available for Download
Platinum Universal Retroviral Expression System (Ecotropic) Manual
Platinum ES/EC Retroviral Expression System (Ecotropic) Manual
Platinum HSC Retroviral Expression System (Ecotropic) Manual


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