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QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Quantitation Kits

QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Quantitation Kits

The QuickTiter™ range of rapid Adenovirus Quantitation and Titer Kits include kits for the measurement of either functional or physical titer. The kits achieve results comparable with traditional plaque forming assays in as little as one hour.

Benefits of the using the QuickTiter™ Functional Titer Kits
• Quick - 2.5 days vs. 10 days using traditional methods
• Higher accuracy than traditional plaque forming assays
• Broad specificity - recognises all 41 serotypes (if virus is able to amplify in HEK293 cells)
• User friendly - no agar overlay steps
• Multiple formats - immunoassay staining and ELISA kit formats

Benefits of using the QuickTiter™ Physical Titer Kit
• Rapid - 45-60 mins
• Sensitive - 1010 VP/mL detection limit from 100 μL of adenoviral supernatant
• Versatile - measure viral nucleic acid content or unpurified supernatant
• Adaptable - quantify other viral types (e.g. retrovirus or lentivirus)

QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Quantitation Kit selection guide

QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Quantitation Kits citation list

Material available for download

QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Titer Immunoassay Kit manual
QuickTiter™ Adenovirus Titer ELISA Kit manual
Adenovirus Rapid Quantitation Kit manual


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