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Highly specific neuroscience PrecisA marker portfolio

Highly specific neuroscience PrecisA marker portfolio

Atlas Antibodies' highly specific and selective neuroscience PrecisA marker portfolio targets anatomical and neurochemical cell types in human and rodent nervous systems. Consisting of 34 PrecisA mouse monoclonals™ produced under stringent conditions that recognise only unique nonoverlapping epitopes and/or isotopes, this portfolio includes neural lineage markers (for neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes/Schwann cells) and signalling markers (targeting glutamate, GABA, acetylcholine, noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin systems). Different antibody isotypes are also available allowing for multiplexing.

Benefits of using this neuroscience marker portfolio
• High specificity and selectivity for target proteins
• Selected target proteins expressed by single cell type
• IHC validation in rat, mouse and human tissues
• WB validation in mouse and human tissues for majority of markers
• Different isotypes available allowing for multiplexing
• Antigen used and epitope information provided (epitope mapped)
• Developed under stringent conditions for PrecisA Monoclonals™

Multiplexed IHC-IF staining of a coronal section of rat brain visualising neurons in green, olygodendrocytes in magenta and astrocytes in red. Anti-NEFM antibody of isotype IgG2b (AMAb91030 is used to show neurons and their processes, olygodendrocytes are detected by Anti-CNP antibody of isotype IgG2a (AMAb91068) and astrocytes by Anti-GFAP antibody of isotype IgG1 (AMAb91033).

Left: Multiplexed IHC-IF staining of sagittal mouse brain section showing the GABAergic system in red, glutamatergic system in green and acetylcholine system in magenta. The Anti-GAD1 antibody of isotype IgG2a (AMAb91076) is used as marker for the GABAergic system, Anti-VGLUT1 antibody of isotype IgG2b (AMAb91041) for the glutamatergic system and Anti-CHAT antibody of isotype IgG1 (AMAb91129) is used to visualise the acetylcholine system. Right: High-power image demonstrates the three systems in the basal forebrain (corpus striatum/globus pallidus), using the same antibodies.


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