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Breast cancer antibodies - Atlas Antibodies

Breast cancer antibodies - Atlas Antibodies

These highly validated breast cancer antibodies are from the Triple A Polyclonal and PrecisA Monoclonal ranges of Atlas Antibodies. Antibodies within the Triple A Polyclonal range have been identified by the Human Protein Atlas project, which demonstrate differential IHC staining patterns in breast cancer samples.

The antibodies from the Triple A range have been tested in:
• Normal breast samples from three different individuals
• Breast tumour samples from up to 12 patients in duplicates
• Metastatic breast adenocarcinoma cell lines MCF-7 and SK-BR-3

We also offer antibodies to established clinical breast cancer markers shown in the table below:

Target protein Product name Catalogue number Validated applications
Oestrogen receptor Anti-ESR1 HPA000449 IHC, WB
Oestrogen receptor Anti-ESR1 HPA000450 IHC, WB
Progesteron receptor Anti-PGR HPA004751 IHC, ICC-IF
Progesteron receptor Anti-PGR HPA008428 IHC
Progesteron receptor Anti-PGR HPA017176 IHC
HER2/ERBB2 Anti-HER2 AMAb90627 IHC, WB
Ki67/MKI67 Anti-MKI67 HPA000451 IHC, ICC-IF
Ki67/MKI67 Anti-MKI67 HPA001164 IHC, ICC-IF
Ki67/MKI67 Anti-MKI67 AMAb90870 IHC


HC staining of human breast tumour using monoclonal antibody Anti-Her2 (AMAb90627) shows strong membranous positivity in tumour cells in HER2-positive ductal carcinoma (left). HER2-negative ductal carcinoma shows no membranous positivity (middle). By Western Blot analysis, HER2 is detected in breast cancer cell line SK-BR-3 (right).

The Anti-MKI67 polyclonal antibody (HPA000451) shows strong nuclear positivity in a fraction of cells in the reaction centre in human lymph node using IHC. In breast cancer, the staining of tumour cells is also nuclear and by ICC-F, staining of the human cell line U-2OS shows positivity in nucleoli.

The polyclonal Anti-BRCA1 antibody (HPA034966) shows positivity in glandular cells in normal human breast tissue (left) and in tumour cells in breast cancer samples (right) using IHC.

IHC staining using the polyclonal Anti-BRCA2 antibody (HPA026815) in normal human breast tissue (left) shows positivity in glandular cells. In breast cancer (right), nuclear staining of tumour cells is shown.

Below is a small selection of breast cancer antibodies available. For a full list please contact our Atlas Antibodies Specialist Here.

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Applications: ICC-IF, IHC, WB
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