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Anoikis Assay Kit

Anoikis Assay Kit
The Anoikis Assay Kit from BioVision offers a highly sensitive method of measuring mammalian cell anoikis in response to stimuli including compounds affecting anoikis. This easy to use anoikis assay kit quantifies live metastatic cells using fluorometric (Calcein AM) reagents and a proprietary coated chamber which mimics anoikis conditions to give reliable and reproducible results.

Benefits of using this Anoikis Assay Kit
• Highly sensitive
• Simple protocol
• Measure mammalian cell anoikis
• Can be adapted for high-throughput
• Compatible with fluorometers

Material available for download
Anoikis Assay Kit protocol


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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Applications: Measure cell anoikis in response to stimuli. - Screen, study, or characterize compounds that influence Anoikis. - HTP adaptable
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