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Automated Cell Counter - EVE
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EVE automated cell counter

EVE automated cell counter

The EVE™ is an image based automated cell counter from NanoEnTek. Using an algorithm to identify and count clumped cells, EVE™ performs accurate counting and live/dead analysis in less than 20 seconds.

Benefits & features of EVE™
• Fast & accurate counting with samples counted in <20 seconds
• Cell clumps are identified & cells are counted using advanced algorithm
• User friendly interface for simple counting & dilution calculation
• Broad cell range compatibility - 5 - 60 μm
• Upper & lower cell size gating
• Low running costs at <50p per count
• JPEG image & CSVs data exported via USB

Great discounts on ex-demo EVEs
We are offering great discounts on our ex-demo EVEs with a full one-year warranty included as standard. Stock is strictly limited, so please request more information or a quote and a member of our team will be in touch.

Cells on an EVE™ slide

Cell count results showing viability & total counts

GUI showing gated cell population & counts

Technical specifications

Counting Time < 20 seconds
Cell density range 1 x 104 - 1 x 107 cells/ml
Optimal density range 1 x 105 x 4 x 106 cells/ml
Cell size range 5 - 60 μm
Sample volume 10 μl
Staining method Trypan blue stain
Display 7" LCD touch screen
Image Format JPEG
Data export CSV (raw data) via USB drive
Dimensions 27cm (w) x 20 cm (d) x 19 cm (h)
Weight 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs)


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EVE™ demonstration
Request a free demonstration, technical presentation or find out more by contacting our EVE™ specialists.

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