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Exosome Targeting Technology - XStamp™

Exosome Targeting Technology - XStamp™

The XStamp™ Exosome Targeting Technology from System Biosciences is a patented exosome surface display technology which can be used to place cellular "addresses" on exosomes in order to send them to specific destinations for cargo delivery. Based on a C-terminal fusion of the C1C2 domain from MFG-E8, protein sequences fused to the XStamp™ tag will display the protein ligand fusion on the surfaces of secreted exosomes enabling specific delivery.

Benefits of using XStamp™ Exosome Targeting Technology
• Protein of choice displayed on secreted exosome surface
• Target specific cellular destinations
• Create stable cell lines producing XStamp™ exosomes

XStamp™ system
The protein ligand chosen to display on exosomes is cloned into the MCS and fused to the C1C2 domain. The XStamp™ lentivector also features a downstream EF1-Puromycin cassette for selection and stable cell line development.

MFG-E8 localises to exosome surfaces (C1C2 domain)

Fluorescently-labelled antibodies for MFG-E8, CD58 and CD81 were used in combination for FACs analysis. CD58 is a known cell surface marker that is absent on exosomes. CD81 is known to be present both in cells and exosomes. The FACs data show that MFG-E8 is exclusively detected on exosomes and not present in the cells. 

NCAM-XStamp™ and brain homing peptide 1 for neural targeting

NCAM-XStamp construct (cat no. XSTP721PA-1) and BHP1-XStamp construct (cat no. XSTP722PA-1) were transfected separately into mouse MSCs with SBI's XPack-GFP construct (cat no. XPAK530PA-1) for fluorescent tracking. After 48 h, the exosomes were collected. Equal amounts (100 ug) of control (No XStamp), NCAM-XStamp or BHP1-XStamp MSC exosomes were added to Neuro2a neuroblastoma cells in culture. Neurons were imaged for phase and GFP signals after 24 h incubation with the various exosomes to monitor GFP delivery mediated by the XStamp ligand coats.

Material available for download
XStamp™ Exosome Targeting Technology datasheet
XStamp™ Exosome Targeting Technology manual


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