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Fast & sensitive NAD/NADH Quantification Kit

Fast & sensitive NAD/NADH Quantification Kit
The NAD/NADH Quantification Kit from BioVision acts as a convenient and sensitive tool for the fast detection of the intracellular nucleotides NADH/NAD and their ratio. With no need to purify NADH/NAD from samples, the NADH/NAD Quantitation Kit specifically recognises NADH/NAD in an enzyme cycling reaction without recognising the phosphorylated versions of NADP or NADPH. The enzyme cycling reaction utilised by this kit significantly increases the detection sensitivity and specificity of the assay. Total NAD or NADH can be easily quantified by comparing with standard NADH in as little as two hours.

Benefits of using this NAD/NADH Quantitation Kit
• NADH/NAD specific
• ~ Two hour protocol
• No sample purification required
• Wide sample compatibility
• Mammalian sample optimised

Material available for download
NAD/NADH Quantitation Assay Kit protocol


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