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High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation - AccuBlue™ NextGen

High Sensitivity dsDNA Quantitation - AccuBlue™ NextGen
Cambridge Bioscience offers a dsDNA quantitation kit with the lowest detection limit on the market. Providing an unprecedented level of dsDNA sensitivity and a detection limit from as low as 1 pg DNA, the AccuBlue™ NextGen dsDNA quantitation kit is ideal for those preparing samples for Next-Generation sequencing, digital PCR samples, working with precious materials or quantifying extremely dilute samples.

Benefits Of Using The AccuBlue™ NextGen dsDNA Quantitation Kit
• Low detection limit - 1 pg DNA
• Unrivalled sensitivity
• Specific for dsDNA
• Wide linear range - 1-3000 pg dsDNA
• Superb stability
• Wide instrument compatibility

AccuBlue™ NextGen Is More Accurate & Sensitive To Low Amounts Of DNA Than PicoGreen®

AccuBlue™ NextGen and PicoGreen® were compared in 200 uL reactions using a series of DNA standards ranging from 0.1-300 pg/uL. 10 uL of each standard was added in triplicate wells for a DNA range of 1 pg to 3 ng. Only the lower range of the titration curve is shown (0-10 pg). Error bars indicate standard deviation of the triplicate wells. The y-axis displays the background-subtracted Relative Fluorescence Units (RFU). The plate was read on a BMG CLARIOStar® microplate reader.

Material Available For Download
AccuBlue™ NextGen dsDNA Quantitation Kit Protocol

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