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ViraDuctin™ Retrovirus Transduction Kit

ViraDuctin™ Retrovirus Transduction Kit

Cell Biolabs offers a robust and high quality retrovirus transduction kit. With a proprietary formulation for the rapid purification of retroviruses from inhibitors of transduction, the ViraDuctin™ retrovirus transduction kit efficiently delivers viruses to a range of primary and immobilised cells. In addition to this, the ViraDuctin™-retrovirus complexes produced quickly sediment onto target cells resulting in higher gene transfer.

Benefits of using the ViraDuctin™ Retrovirus Transduction Kit
• Rapid purification and removal of transduction inhibitors
• Fast delivery of viruses to cells
• Increases retrovirus transduction efficiency two- to six-fold compared to Polybrene®
• Ideal for a variety of primary and stem cells

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ViraDuctin™ Retrovirus Transduction Kit manual

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