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Human Cell Expressed Proteins
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CellExp™ Human Cell Expressed Proteins

CellExp™ Human Cell Expressed Proteins
CellExp™ from BioVision are a range of pathogen-free, human recombinant proteins containing all the post-translational modifications seen in authentic human proteins. Produced in serum free media, minimising batch to batch variability, the human CellExp™ recombinant proteins mimic native human proteins in terms of sub-unit assembly, folding and secretion and exhibit the same chemical and biological properties.
Benefits of using the CellExp™ Human Recombinant Proteins
• Contain all post-translational modifications seen in human proteins
• Mimic native human proteins - subunit assembly, folding and secretion
• Exhibit native human proteins chemical and biological properties - stability, isoelectric point, solubility, binding affinities and biological activity
• Produced in serum free medium
• Minimal batch to batch variability
• Pathogen free


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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