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Highly Sensitive 8-Isoprostane ELISA Kit

Highly Sensitive 8-Isoprostane ELISA Kit
Cambridge Bioscience offers a highly sensitive kit for the detection of 8-isoprostane in a range of sample types. With a detection limit of 2.7 pg/ml (80% B/B0), this highly validated kit does not require a stop solution and can be washed and re-developed as required.

Benefits Of Using This 8-Isoprostane ELISA kit
• 2.7pg/ml detection limit
• Highly validated
• Uses patented AChE-labelled tracers
• Compatible with a range of sample types
• Carefully tested extraction protocols
• Available in multiple formats - overnight assays and “Express” (2 hr) assays

Typical 8-Isoprostane EIA Kit Standard Curve
50% B/B0 - 10pg/ml. Detection Limit (80% B/B0) - 2.7 pg/ml

Material Available For Download
8-Isoprostane EIA Kit Manual


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