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Flexible Human & Rat Complement ELISAs
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Complement ELISAs

Complement ELISAs
This range of human, mouse and rat ELISA kits from Hycult Biotech enable the quantification of the proteins involved in the complement system, including some unique complement marker assays (complement pathway assay, sCD59 and Complement factor I). Suitable for use with a wide range of sample types including plasma and serum, these kits are both sensitive and available in a number of flexible formats.
Benefits of using these complement ELISAsComplement ELISAs
• Wide sample compatibility
• Wide standard range
• Low detection level
• Great reliability and reproducibility
• Tested by two independent operators before batch release
• Validated using both diseased and healthy samples together with an external reference centre

Validated ELISA kit sample types                  
• Serum
• Plasma
• Urine
• Sputum
• Joint fluid
• Bronchoalveolar fluid
• Cerebrospinal fluid
• Cell culture supernatant

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Below are a small number of ELISAs that are available from our wider selection. If you do not see your required ELISA listed, please contact our Hycult Biotech specialist.


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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