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Advanced, Characterised Polyclonal Antibodies - Triple A Polyclonals™

Advanced, Characterised Polyclonal Antibodies - Triple A Polyclonals™

Developed within the Human Protein Atlas project and manufactured by Atlas Antibodies, Cambridge Bioscience offers an advanced class of antibodies with the highest levels of specificity, reproducibility and versatility. Designed using a proprietary software to select the most suitable antigen for a given target protein and a unique antibody purification process using the recombinant antigen as the affinity ligand, this collection of over 18,000 Triple A Polyclonals provides unprecedented antibody performance.

Benefits Of Using Triple A Polyclonals
• High specificity
• Amino acids selected with lowest possible sequence identity to other human proteins
• Guaranteed functionality
• Exceptional assay reproducibility
• High versatility
• Minimal off-target binding
• Superior epitope recognition across applications, states & species
• Excellent characterisation
• Annotated images available for each antibody in IHC, ICC-IF & WB

Triple A Polyclonals IHC Staining Examples

Anti-ILF2 (HPA007484) IHC staining of human colon shows strong nuclear positivity in glandular cells

Anti-ILF2 (HPA007484) IF staining of human cell line U-2 OS shows positivity in nucleus but not nucleoli.
Anti-ILF2 (HPA007484) Western blot. Lane 1: NIH-3T3 cell lysate. Lane 2: NBT-II cell lysate

A small selection of the Triple A Polyclonals available are shown below. Please search our website for a full listing.


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

View product detail and product images
Applications: ICC-IF, IHC, WB
View product detail and product images
Applications: IHC, WB
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