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Streamlined & Simplified DNA Bisulphite Conversion Kits

Complex siRNA Pools For Gene Silencing

Rapid & Complete DNA Bisulphite Conversion Kits
Achieve High Yield Mammalian Protein Production In Suspension HEK 293 & CHO Derived Cells

Sensitive global DNA Methylation ELISA Kit

Sensitive global DNA Methylation ELISA Kit

The ELISA kit offers sensitive DNA methylation for the reproducible quantification of 5-methyl-2’deoxycytidine as a measure of global DNA methylation. Offering high sensitivity and a low detection limit, 5-methyl-2-deoxycytidine can be quantified in a wide range of sample types with confidence.

Benefits of using the DNA Methylation ELISA Kit
• 3 ng/ml sensitivity
• 100 percent specificity for 5-methyl-2’deoxycytidine
• Simple procedure
• Wide sample compatibility
• Reliable standard curve - range of 1.17-150 ng/ml
• Uses the AChE technology
• Convenient - no 'stop' reagent required
• Highly stable tracer with wide pH range
DNA Methylation ELISA Kit curve

Material available for download
DNA Methylation ELISA Kit protocol


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