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Active Endosome Escape Based Transfection Reagent

Transfection Ready Plasmid DNA In 20 Minutes With ZymoPURE II

High efficiency electroporation solution - Ingenio®

High efficiency electroporation solution - Ingenio®

As a broad spectrum electroporation solution, Ingenio® enables the highly efficient delivery of siRNA, miRNA and viral RNA to hard-to-transfect cell lines and primary cells. Providing minimal toxicity, Ingenio® is compatible with multiple instruments, facilitating a wide range of applications requiring nucleic acid delivery to cells.

Benefits of using Ingenio®
• High efficiency electroporation
• siRNA, miRNA and viral RNA delivered
• Low toxicity
Compatible with most electroporation devices, such as Amaxa Nucleofector, Bio-Rad Gene Pulser and Harvard BTX
• Flexible format - available as solution or as part of a kit

Ingenio® outperforms other transfection reagents in efficiency and viability
Cells were electroporated with an EGFP reporter vector using either Ingenio® Electroporation Solution, PBS or Gene Pulser® Electroporation Buffer (Bio-Rad®) on the Gene Pulser Xcell™ Eukaryotic System. (A) EGFP expressing cells were identified 24h post-electroporation by FC and presented as a percentage of live cell population. (B) Cells were assayed for viability by propidium iodide staining and FC. Experiments were performed in triplicate on three separate days and the data averaged.

CRISPR RNP delivery with Ingenio® electroporation solution

CRISPR RNP Delivery with Ingenio® Electroporation Solution

K562 and Jurkat cells were electroporated with a Cas9 protein/gRNA, ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex, composed of 750 nM Cas9 protein (EnGen® Cas9 NLS, NEB) and 1500 nM pre-complexed two-part gRNA (IDT) targeting PPIB using the Ingenio® Electroporation Solution and a Gene Pulser Xcell™ Eukaryotic System. Exponential pulse conditions of 130V, 950 µF for K562 and 150V, 950 µF for Jurkat cells were applied to triplicate 0.2 cm cuvettes, 100 µl volume, 10 x 106 cells/ml +/- RNP complex. A T7E1 mismatch assay was used to measure cleavage efficiency at 48h post-transfection. Nonspecific bands (NSP) were observed in the negative control of both cell lines. Cleavage efficiency was calculated based on the ratio of cleaved band intensities to the sum of cleaved and uncleaved band intensities minus the average signal of the nonspecific band(s) in negative control lanes.

High efficiency plasmid DNA electroporation of human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells using Ingenio®

High Efficiency Plasmid DNA Electroporation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells Using Ingenio®

The Ingenio® Electroporation Kit was used to transfect 2 x 106 iPS cells on the Amaxa® Nucleofector® II Device. Cells were electroporated with 8 µg ZsGreen expressing plasmid (Clontech) in 100 µl and plated in 6-well plates at 0.33 x 106 cells/well. Cells were visualised 24 hours post-transfection and imaged under 4X objective with an Olympus IX71® Inverted Microscope. Images are (A) phase contrast, and (B) green fluorescence. Cells were also assayed 24 hours post-transfection on an Accuri® Cytometer. The histogram (C) shows unelectroporated cells (black line) compared to cells electroporated with plasmid using the Ingenio® Electroporation Kit (green line). See more information on stem cell applications. Data courtesy of Cellular Dynamics International.

Material available for download
Ingenio® Electroporation Kits and Solution Protocol
Ingenio® Electroporation Kits and Solution Quick Ref Protocol
Ingenio® Electroporation Kits and Solution SDS
Ingenio® Pulse Condition Recommendations
Electroporation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells with Ingenio® Electroporation Solution

Ingenio® Electroporation Kits and Solution citation list

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