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Oxygen Consumption Rate Quantification - MitoXpress®Xtra

Oxygen Consumption Rate Quantification - MitoXpress®Xtra

Cambridge Bioscience offers a kit for the simultaneous quantification of oxygen consumption and mitochondrial membrane potential. Using the novel MitoXpress®Xtra phosphorescent oxygen probe, this easy-to-use and high-throughput compatible assay accurately measures oxygen consumption rate in living cells.

Benefits of Using the Oxygen Consumption Rate Assays
• Simultaneous quantification of oxygen consumption & mitochondrial membrane potential
• Living cells analysed
• Easy to use
• MitoXpress®Xtra phosphorescent oxygen probe used 
• High throughput compatible

MitoXpress®Xtra Measuring Effect Of Mitochondrial Inhibition & Uncoupling On Cell Respiration

Cambridge Bioscience also offer a kit for the sole quantification of oxygen consumption rate.

MitoXpress®Xtra Measuring Effect Of Mitocondrial Inhibition

Typical lifetime signal profile of MitoXpress – Xtra for cell samples which have been treated with different classical electron transport chain inhibitor or activator compounds.

Material Available for Download
Oxygen Consumption/MitoMembrane Potential Dual Assay Kit
Oxygen Consumption Rate Assay Kit (MitoXpress®-Xtra HS Method) Manual

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