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RNA Extraction From Whole Blood - Quick-RNA™
Culture, Quantify, Isolate & Amplify Exosomes

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Selective exosome capture - Exo-Flow™

Selective exosome capture - Exo-Flow™

The Exo-Flow™ magnetic antibody bead kit from System Biosciences enables the selective capture and purification of exosomes based on specific surface markers. Available in two different formats, the Exo-Flow 32 and 96 IP kits can be used for high-throughput, selective exosome purification in 32 well or 96 well plate formats, whilst the Exo-Flow™ kits for FACS enables flow sorting to quantify and purify distinct subpopulations of exosomes. The 9.1 um diameter and high binding capacity of the Exo-Flow™ magnetic beads enables researchers to capture billions of exosomes in a single binding reaction.

Benefits of using the Exo-Flow™ Kits for IP and FACS
• Selectively capture billions of exosomes
• Capture rare exosomes present in very low numbers
• Enhanced immunomagnetic beads
• Multiple capture antibodies to choose from
• Modular system to customise captures
• Reversible Exo-FITC flow stain for flow sorting

Exo-Flow™ Kits for IP
These kits enable high-throughput, plate-based exosome immunopurification directly from serum or from concentrated exosomes from media. Magnetic beads are provided precoupled with either CD9, CD63 or CD81 for selective capture of distinct subsets of exosomes from either 96 or 32 samples simultaneously.

Exo-Flow™ Kits for FACS
These kits enable selective capture and flow sorting of distinct exosome subpopulations based on a surface marker. After enriching for all exosomes, isolated exosomes are resuspended and bound to the magnetic beads for specific capture and subsequent FACS analysis and sorting.

Exo-FITC™ Universal and Reversible Stain
This product universally stains captured exosomes on the beads. The Exo-FITC™ stain supplied in all kits features FITC fluorescent molecules conjugated to a protein known to universally bind the types of PTMs found on many exosome surface proteins, offering a more general and inexpensive exosome FACS approach for selective capture and purification. This stain is also completely reversible through the addition of the exosome elution buffer leaving intact exosomes ready for downstream analysis and functional studies. Exo-APC flow stain is also available.

Structure and gating of Exo-Flow™ Beads

Material available for download
Exo-Flow™ datasheet
Exo-Flow™ user manual


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