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Unique nonmagnetic cell separation technology - pluriBeads®

Unique nonmagnetic cell separation technology - pluriBeads®

pluriSelect's unique cell separation technology uses nonmagnetic, monodisperse microparticles for the sorting of cell mixtures. Reducing cell stress and maximising cell yield, viability and purity whilst saving time and reducing sample processing, pluriBeads® isolate minimally manipulated, clean cell populations in a fraction of the time demanded by magnetic bead protocols.

Benefits of using pluriBeads®
• No sample preparation required - isolate from whole blood
• Greater than 98 percent purity
• Up to 3x10^7 target cells yielded per separation
• Typically less than one hour isolation
• Simple, robust process
• Gentle isolation procedure
• Compatible with many sample materials
• Wide species compatibility
• No need for centrifugation
• Beads cannot be phagocytosed
• Separate two different cell types at the same time from one sample
• Isolate up to six different targets from one sample

Cell separation scheme

pluriBead® types
Two types of pluriBead® are available:
1. S-pluriBead® - 30µm beads, for a maximum of 10^7 target cells
2. M-pluriBead® - 60µm beads, for a maximum of 5x10^7 target cells

Interactive selection guide for pluriBead® cell isolation


We also offer a range of sterile cell strainers for the filtering of unwanted aggregates or populations from samples. Find out more Here


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