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Unique Non-Magnetic Cell Separation Technology - pluriBeads®

Unique Non-Magnetic Cell Separation Technology - pluriBeads®

Cambridge Bioscience offers a unique cell separation technology that uses non-magnetic, monodisperse microparticles for the sorting of cell mixtures. Reducing cell stress and maximising cell yield, viability and purity whilst saving time and reducing sample processing, pluriBeads® isolate minimally manipulated, clean cell populations in a fraction of the time demanded by magnetic bead protocols.

Benefits of Using pluriBeads®
• No sample preparation required - isolate from whole blood
• >98% purity
• Up to 3x10^7 target cells yielded per separation
• Typically ≤1 hour isolation
• Simple, robust process
• Gentle isolation procedure
• Compatible with many sample materials
• Wide species compatibility
• No need for centrifugation
• Beads cannot be phagocytosed
• Separate 2 different cell types at the same time from one sample
• Isolate up to 6 different targets from one sample

Cell Separation Scheme

pluriBead® Types
Two types of pluriBead® are available:
1. S-pluriBead® - 30µm beads, for a maximum of 10^7 target cells
2. M-pluriBead® - 60µm beads, for a maximum of 5x10^7 target cells

Interactive Selection Guide for pluriBead® Cell Isolation


We also offer a range of sterile cell strainers for the filtering of unwanted aggregates or populations from samples. Find out more Here


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