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Robust, High Throughput TAF1 Bromodomain Assay Kits

Robust, High Throughput TAF1 Bromodomain Assay Kits

Cambridge Bioscience offers kits for the rapid characterisation of bromodomain/acetylated peptide interaction inhibitors. The TAF1 bromodomains 1 & TAF1 bromodomains 1 and 2 time-resolved FRET (TR-FRET) assay kits produce results stable for at least 4 hours before plate reading, increasing flexibility.

Benefits of Using the TAF1 Bromodomain TR-FRET Assay Kits
• Robust
• Reduced background - TR-FRET format 
• High signal:noise ratio
• Reduced spectral artefacts
• High-throughput

Time-Resolved FRET
TR-FRET offers numerous advantages over standard FRET for high-throughput screening. Employing lanthanide chelate based fluorophores that have comparatively long fluorescent half lives, the TR-FRET signal can be sustained for longer periods of time than standard fluorescence. This enables the measurement of the TR-FRET signal after background auto-fluorescence has dissipated, boosting the signal to noise ratio.

Assay schematic for the bromodomain TR-FRET assay. Upon excitation, the europium chelate can release a photon or transfer its energy to an APC molecule, provided the APC is in close proximity to the europium fluorophore

The Extended Lifetimes of EU3+-Based Flurophores

Samples can be analysed after background fluorescence has decayed, improving signal to noise ratio and reducing spectral artefacts

Material Availale for Download
TAF1 bromodomain 1 TR-FRET Assay Kit
TAF1 bromodomains 1 and 2 TR-FRET Assay Kit


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