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Ultra specific antibodies - UltraMAB™

Ultra specific antibodies - UltraMAB™

The highly specific antibodies from OriGene's UltraMAB™ range have been subjected to extensive validation against over 10,000 human antigens in the 10K high density protein microarray. In addition, these antibodies have been validated in a range of other major applications from among WB, IHC staining with over 25 types of normal and cancer human tissues, IF/ICC and FACS.

10K high density protein microarray
The UltraMAB™ antibodies specificity has been validated on the 10K high density protein microarray. The chip is spotted with 11,088 (10K) unique over-expressed protein lysates, including 10,380 unique overexpression lysates and 708 positive and negative control samples.

Serial diluted mouse, human and rabbit IgG mixture as positive controls were spotted on three subarrays highlighted in redboxes. Subarrays highlighted in yellowboxes contain serial diluted HEK293T cell lysates as negative controls. All the subarrays contain standard positive and negative controls as shown in the figure.

Case studies
The following case studies demonstrate the use of the 10K high density protein microarray to determine the specificity of the commonly used diagnostic antibodies:
• HER2 pathology sntibodies
• ERCC1 IHC antibodies
To view the full case studies, please click here


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