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Eliminate LPS At Source - ClearColi®

Eliminate LPS At Source - ClearColi®
Cambridge Bioscience offers the first commercially available competent cells with a genetically modified lipopolysaccharide (LPS) that does not trigger an endotoxic response in mammalian cells. Instead of removing LPS contamination from protein or plasmid DNA preparations after production, the ClearColi® cells effectively eliminate LPS at the source, producing functionally clean recombinant proteins and plasmids.

Benefits of Using the ClearColi® BL21(DE3) & K-12 Cells
• No endotoxic response triggered in mammalian cells
• Functionally clean recombinant proteins & plasmids produced
• Downstream endotoxin removal not required in most cases
• Minimal purification needed to remove lipid IVA
• False positives reduced in cytokine assays
• Protein purification yields maintained - similar to standard strains

ClearColi® Products Available
1. ClearColi® BL21(DE3) - For Protein Expression
• Human cell immunogenicity and toxicity assays
• Therapeutic protein production
• Membrane and lipid-binding protein production

2. ClearColi® K-12 - For Plasmid Production
• Cloning and plasmid production
• Ideal for mammalian transfection without endotoxin cleanup
• Transient protein expression
• Plasmid yields similar to DH10B cells

ClearColi® Genotype
Modifications to the genotype of the ClearColi® cells consist of seven separate gene deletions ensuring there is no chance of genetic reversion back to wild type and production of normal LPS. These mutations result in the deletion of the oligosaccharide chain from the LPS, making it easier to remove the resulting lipid IVA from the downstream product. The six acyl chains of the LPS are the trigger which is recognised by the Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) in complex with myeloid differentiation factor 2 (MD-2), causing activation of NF-ƙB and production of proinflammatory cytokines. In ClearColi®, two of the six acyl chains are deleted and the lipid IVA, which contains only four acyl chains, is not recognised by TLR4 and thus does not trigger the endotoxic response.ClearColi SystemGenotypes
K-12 strain: F– λ- ΔendA ΔrecA frr181 msbA52 ΔgutQ ΔkdsD ΔlpxL ΔlpxM ΔpagP ΔlpxP ΔeptA
BL21 DE3 strain: F– ompT hsdSB (rB- mB-) gal dcm lon λ(DE3 [lacI lacUV5-T7 gene 1 ind1 sam7 nin5]) msbA148 ΔgutQ ΔkdsD ΔlpxL ΔlpxM ΔpagP ΔlpxP ΔeptA

Material Available For Download
ClearColi® BL21(DE3) User Manual
ClearColi® K-12 Cells User Manual

ClearColi® Licensing Restrictions

Please note certain licensing restrictions apply to the ClearColi® products. To find out more, please Click Here. If you would like to discuss the licensing restrictions further, please contact us by Clicking Here


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