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Fresh Human PBMCs
Blood Sample Collection Tubes
Same Day Delivered Fresh Human Blood

Highly effective & efficient in vitro delivery of Cas9 RNP for genome editing in challenging cells

Blood & sample collection tubes

Blood & sample collection tubes

This series of blood and sample collection tubes has been developed specifically to minimise in vitro artefacts by rapidly quenching unwanted protease activity. Available as either custom or stock products depending on requirements, these tubes are carefully formulated to yield a reproducible concentration of inhibitors with rapid dissolution properties. These tubes are also evacuated and stoppered under controlled conditions so that the tubes automatically fill to the proper volume.

Benefits of using these blood and sample collection tubesSCAT Tubes
• Custom or stock available
• In vitro artefacts minimised
• Rapidly quenches unwanted protease activity
• 2 ml, 5 ml & 10 ml draw volume formats
• Anti-coagulant and proteinase inhibitor options
• Plastic or glass tubes
• Evacuated and stoppered under controlled conditions
• Multiple batch sizes
• Cost effective
• Custom blood and sample collection tubes manufacturing service available

Custom blood and sample collection tubes manufacturing service
We also offer access to a custom SCAT manufacturing service. This service can provide custom formulated tubes to meet clinical researcher specified requirements in batch sizes as small as one. With an almost unlimited reagent selection, custom draw volumes and customer-designated batch size, HTI can provide tubes in any format required.  Various tube sizes, styles and vacuum draws. Screw cap vails available. Liquid or lyophilised formulations that you create. Quick turnaround.  To request a quotation for custom sample collection/anticoagulant tubes, please Click Here


Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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