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Sequence Verified, Transfection Ready ORF Clones

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Sequence Verified, Transfection Ready ORF Clones - TrueORF® Gold

Sequence Verified, Transfection Ready ORF Clones - TrueORF® Gold

Cambridge Bioscience offers over 19,000 sequence verified, ready-to-use, tagged TrueORF® Gold clones.

Benefits of Using the TrueORF® Gold Clones
• Over 19,000 clonesTrueORF Gold
• Fully sequence verified
• Protein expression tested individually by Western Blot
• Transfection ready
• Myc-DDK tagged
• No subcloning or plasmid preparation requirement
• High purity
• Low endotoxicity
• Constructed with all elements for protein-expression in mammalian cells
• Easily shuttled into over 70 vectors

TrueORF® Clones

TrueORF® clones offer human, mouse and rat genome wide coverage. The TrueORF® inserts are cloned into one of two pCMV vectors: pCMV6-Entry (C-terminal Myc and DDK Tagged) or pCMV6 AC-GFP (C-terminal tGFP tag) while TrueORF® Gold Clones are all provided in the pCMV6-Entry (C-terminal Myc and DDK Tagged) vector. TrueORF® clone inserts can be easily shuttled by a simple 'cut-and-paste' mechanism into any of the Precision Shuttle Destination Vectors, offering a range of additional tags via more than 70 different destination vectors. The destination vectors are available with:

• Epitope tags for protein purification detection
• Fluorescent protein tags for protein visualization
• Selectable markers for stable line establishment
E coli expression vectors
• Lentiviral vectors

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A very small selection of the TrueORF® Gold clones can be found below. Please use the Clone Connector service or search the Cambridge Bioscience website to discover more.


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