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CytoSelect™ cell transformation assay

CytoSelect™ cell transformation assay
The CytoSelect™ cell transformation assays enable the quantification of cell transformation without tedious manual cell counting in just six to eight days. Combining a proprietary modified semi-solid agar media, agar solubilisation solution and CyQUANT™ or MTT dye with a short incubation, the effect of transiently transfected siRNA and oncogenes can be studied with these assays.

Benefits of using CytoSelect™ transformation assays
• Accurate cell transformation quantification
• No manual cell counting
• Six to eight days to results
• Simple process
• High-throughput screening compatible
• 384, 96, 48, 24, 12 and 6 wells formats
• Colourimetric and fluorometric options

Cell Recovery
The CytoSelect™ cell recovery compatible transformation assay is also available, for the detection of transformed cells, screening cell transformation inhibitors and for the determination of in vitro drug sensitivity. Using a proprietary modified 3D soft agar matrix, these assays enable cells quantification using the included fluorescent dye or MTT or for viable transformed cells to be recovered for further downstream analysis e.g. protein/DNA array analysis, cancer vaccine development.

CytoSelect™ cell transformation principle

Cytoselect Cell Transformation
Material available for download
CytoSelect™ 96-Well Cell Transformation Assay (Cell Recovery Compatible, Colorimetric) Manual
CytoSelect™ 96-Well Cell Transformation Assay (Cell Recovery Compatible, Fluorometric) Manual
CytoSelect™ 96-Well Cell Transformation Assay (Soft Agar Colony Formation) Manual
CytoSelect™ 384-Well Cell Transformation Assay (Fluorometric) Manual

CytoSelect™ cell transformation assays citation list

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