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PAGE Small-RNA Recovery Kit

PAGE Small-RNA Recovery Kit
Cambridge Bioscience offers a simple and efficient kit for the extraction of high quality single or double-stranded RNA fragments (17-200 nucleotides) from PCR gels (native and/or denatured). With a quick 45 minute protocol, the ZR small-RNA™ PAGE recovery kit uses minimal elution volumes, making it ideal for many downstream enzymatic reactions and manipulations.

Benefits Of Using The ZR Small-RNA™ PAGE Recovery Kit
• Efficient recovery from polyacrylamide gels
• High quality RNA recovered
• Simple protocol
• Quick 45 minute fragment recovery
• Minimal elution volumes - ≥ 6 µl
• Wide downstream RNA-based application compatibility
• Compatible with up to 25% (w/v) polyacrylamide

Recovery & Ligation of Single-stranded RNA Oligonucleotides

The RNA fragments in the image above were recovered from a 17.5% (w/v) native polyacrylamide gel using the ZR small-RNA™ PAGE Recovery Kit. All fragments shown were resolved in a native PAGE gel following ligation.

Material Available for Download
ZR small-RNA™ PAGE Recovery Kit Protocol
ZR small-RNA™ PAGE Recovery Kit Datasheet


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