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High Quality DNA & RNA Purification From Agarose
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Quick, High Quality Total DNA Purification - Quick-gDNA™

Quick, High Quality Total DNA Purification - Quick-gDNA™

Cambridge Bioscience offers the the Quick-gDNA™ kit for the convenient and rapid isolation of total DNA from a variety of biological sources. Employing Fast-Spin column technology, this kit produces high-quality purified DNA, containing no PCR inhibitors in minutes (15-30 minutes).
Quick Genomic DNA Purification
Benefits of Using the Quick-gDNA™ Kits
• Fast 15-30 minutes processing time
• High DNA recovery – 5 μg DNA (micro), 25 µg DNA (mini) & 125 µg DNA (midi)
• Simple protocol
• PCR inhibitors removed
• No organic denaturant added
• No Proteinase K digestion required
• >40kb genomic DNA fragments isolated
• Wide sample compatibility
• Wide downstream compatibility

"This product was amazing! I've used the same type of kit (quick DNA extract) from Sigma and this was far more superior. I used the same amount of postnatal tissue as I would have for the Sigma kit, however the yield I obtained from Zymo was quite astounding considering the time of tissue digestion. Secondly, the gDNA was much 'cleaner' upon measurement with our NanoDrop! "
Stephen C., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Resulting DNA is suitable for a range of subsequent analyses and molecular manipulations including:
• Nucleotide blotting
• DNA methylation analyses
• Restriction endonuclease digestion

Material Available For Download
Quick-gDNA™ MicroPrep Kit Manual
Quick-gDNA™ MiniPrep Kit Manual
Quick-gDNA™ MidiPrep Kit Manual
ZR-96 Quick-gDNA™ Kit Manual
Quick-gDNA™ Kits Datasheet

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