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Renin Inhibitor Screening Kit

Renin Inhibitor Screening Kit

Cambridge Bioscience offers a precise, fluorometric kit for screening human renin inhibitors. The renin inhibitor screening kit offers excellent precision (intra-assay: 2.6%, inter-assay: 7.3%) and has been shown to suffer no interference from common buffers (tris, borate, phosphate) and solvents (ethanol, methanol, dimethylsulfoxide). The assay uses a renin-based synthetic peptide substrate which incorporates the fluorophore EDANS at one end and an EDAN-quenching molecule (Dabcyl) at the other end. After cleavage by renin, the peptide-EDANS product is released yielding bright fluorescence which can be easily analysed using excitation wavelengths of 335-345 nm and emission wavelengths of 485-510 nm.

Benefits Of Using This Renin Inhibitor Screening Kit
• High precision (intra-assay: 2.6%, inter-assay: 7.3%)
• Screen for inhibitors of renin aspartyl protease activity
• Assay 45 samples in duplicate
• Convenient plate-based, fluorometric measurement (ex 335-345 nm, em 484-510 nm)
• No interference from common buffers, detergents and solvents

Material Available For Download
Renin Inhibitor Screening Kit Protocol


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