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All-in-One Stabilisation DNA / RNA Shield™ Reagent

All-in-One Stabilisation DNA / RNA Shield™ Reagent
Cambridge Bioscience offers a product for the all-in-one stabilisation of DNA and RNA in cells, biological liquids and tissues. Effectively lysing cells and inactivating nucleases and infectious agents (virus), this product preserves the genetic integrity and expression profiles of samples during storage/transport:
• RNA - ambient temperature (4°C- 25°C) >1 month
• DNA - ambient temperature (4°C- 25°C) >2 years
• DNA & RNA - frozen (<-20°C), indefinitely

Benefits of Using DNA / RNA Shield™
• No cold chain required - genetic integrity & expression profiles preserved at ambient temperatures
• Wide sample compatibility - cells, tissues, blood, plasma, serum, saliva, urine, faeces, environmental samples, etc
• No need for reagent removal before downstream nucleic acid isolation
• Infectious agents inactivated - viruses, bacteria, funghi & parasites
• Available in a wide variety of pre-filled sample collection devices
• Compatible with various collection & storage devices
DNA/RNA Shield Lyses & Effectively Inactivates Pathogens In A Sample

DNA/RNA Shield abides by the Center For Disease Control's (CDC) guidelines for pathogen inactivation


This includes tough-to-lyse microbes or viruses without the need for additional steps such as heat-treatment, homogenisation or alcohol sterilisation. DNA/RNA Shield™ has been rigourously tested to ensure its capability to inactivate even the toughest of viruses. In an independent study, the virucidal activity was shown to inactivate murine parvovirus1. DNA/RNA Shield™ abides by the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) guidelines for pathogen inactivation2.

DNA/RNA Shield™ (2X concentrate)
We also offer DNA/RNA Shield™ (2X concentrate) ideal for blood samples, cells in suspension and other biological liquids. Simply mix an equal volume of reagent and sample.

Collection Devices Pre-Filled With DNA / RNA Shield™
DNA / RNA Shield™ is also available in pre-filled collection devices for a wide variety of sample types. To find out more, please click the links below:

1. Stabilisation of Cellular RNA
DNA / RNA Shield™ can stabilise RNA from cellular samples as well as tissues and biological fluids.
RNA Stabilization RNA DNA ShieldCellular RNA is effectively stabilised in DNA/RNA Shield™ at ambient temperature. RNA was purified from cells (HCT 116) stored in DNA/RNA Shield™ at the designated times (days).

2. Nucleic Acid Purification
Nucleic Acid Purification DNA RNA ShieldHigh quality DNA and RNA is efficiently purified from blood stored in DNA/RNA Shield™ using the Quick-gDNA™ & Quick-RNA™ kits. High molecular weight DNA was intact with no apparent degradation. RNA was high quality, DNA-free, and included small RNAs when purified from DNA/RNA Shield™. This was not the case using another reagent/kit from Supplier B.

3. Complete Viral Inactivation
DNA / RNA Shield™ effectively lyses cells and inactivates nucleases and infectious agents (virus). By comparison, competitor products such as RNALater® have sometimes been found to preserve viral infectivity, meaning perserved samples may need to be treated with caution (Uhlenhaut, 2005).
Virus Inactivation DNA RNA Shield

Graph1: Influenza virus is effectively inactivated by DNA/RNA Shield™. Influenza A virus was treated with 4 volumes of DNA/RNA Shield™ or mock treated for 5 mins. Titre was determined by plaque assay (D. Poole and A. Mehle, University of Wisconsin-Madison). Graph 2: Ebola virus is effectively inactivated by DNA/RNA Shield™. Ebola virus (Kikwit) was treated with 2 volumes of DNA/RNA Shield™ or PBS for 5 mins at ambient temperature. Titre was determined by plaque assay (L. Avena and A. Griffiths, Texas Biomedical Research Institute). Graph 3: Herpes Simplex Virus is effectively inactivated by DNA/RNA Shield™. HSV-1 (dark grey) & HSV-2 (light grey) inactivation following a 5 min incubation in the DNA/RNA Shield™ (H. Oh, F. Diaz and D. Knipe; Harvard Medical School)

Material Available For Download
DNA / RNA Shield™ Protocol
DNA / RNA Shield™ MSDS

Free Samples
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