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Bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging vectors

Bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging vectors

These bioluminescence imaging (BLI) vectors, fluorescence imaging (FLI) vectors and minicircle DNA constructs and D-Luciferin reagents perform molecular imaging in vivo.

Dual bioluminescent and fluorescent vectors
We offer BLI and FLI dual reporter lentivectors and minicircle DNA constructs based on System Bioscience's unique vector technology for in vivo and in vitro imaging. These reporter vectors utilise either GFP or RFP fluorescence with a fire fly luciferase reporter.

Lentiviral vectors and prepackaged virus
For high efficiency gene delivery, the BLI lentivectors can be packaged into pseudoviruses and used to infect most cell types both in vitro and in vivo. As viruses, lenti-based vectors have nearly 100 percent integration so they are suitable for establishing stable cell lines and for use in high-throughput applications. In addition lenti-based BLIV vectors can be used as regular plasmid DNA with transient transfection protocols.

Minicircle vectors
Minicircle DNA BLI vector technology provides an innovative means to effectively deliver and express the reporters as nonintegrating episomes. These minicircle DNAs express the BLI markers in cells and tissues for much longer and at much higher levels as compared to regular plasmid DNA.

In vitro applications
BLI lentiviral vectors can be used to generate stable cell lines or Minicircle vectors used to make nonviral and long-lasting (several weeks) reporter cells.

In vivo applications
Bioluminescent and fluorescent cell lines can be injected or the vectors directly used in animal models through hydrodynamic tail vein injections.

Parental minicircle plasmids are available for purchase by not-for-profit researchers only. Commercial users may purchase pre-made mcDNA [ready-to-transfect] only. For any other purposes, including the ability to buy the parental MC production system, commercial users should contact Cambridge Bioscience for further information.

Material available for download
Bioluminescent and Fluorescent Imaging Vectors user manual


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