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Genomic DNA Clean & Concentrator™ Kit

Genomic DNA Clean & Concentrator™ Kit
Cambridge Bioscience offers a kit for the rapid recovery of ultra-pure, large-sized DNA from any enzymatic reaction or impure preparation. With no need for organic denaturants, chloroform, or messy precipitations, recover genomic, mitochondrial, plasmid (BAC/PAC), viral, phage and (wga) DNA in minutes. This kit is also compatible with smaller DNAs (50 bp to 10 kb) from PCR, digestions, crude plasmid preparations, cDNA synthesis, etc.

Benefits of Using the Genomic DNA Clean & Concentrator™ Kit
• Quick procedure - 5 minutes
• Ultra-pure DNA   
• High DNA yield
• No messy precipitations
• Low elution volume  ≥ 10 µl
• Wide downstream application compatibility

Genomic DNA Clean & Concentrator™ Kit Workflow

Eluted DNA is ideal for use in a range of applications including:
• Endonuclease digestion
• Sequencing
• Other enzymatic procedures

Free Samples
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Material Available for Download
Genomic DNA Clean & Concentrator™-10 Protocol

Genomic DNA Clean & Concentrator™ Kit Citation List


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