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Fast exosome isolation from tissue culture media - ExoQuick-TC™

Fast exosome isolation from tissue culture media - ExoQuick-TC™

ExoQuick-TC™ from System Biosciences provides a fast and simple protocol for high quality exosome RNA isolation and purification from low sample volumes of tissue culture media as well as saliva, urine, follicular fluid and breast milk. Compatible with a wide variety of downstream applications and easily scalable, ExoQuick-TC™ is an effective and proven alternative to ultracentrifugation with a simple workflow involving minimal hands-on time.

Benefits of using ExoQuick-TC™
• Fast process
• Simple one-step protocol
• Only 5ml of cell culture media and urine required
• Highly effective isolation method
• Cleaner RNA produced
• Intact exosomes isolated for functional studies
• Cross species and sample compatibility
• High-throughput

ExoQuick-TC™ fast and easy exosome isolation from tissue culture media

ExoQuick-TC™ Fast & Easy Exosome Isolation From Tissue Culture Media

ExoQuick™ product range

ExoQuick™ For serum, plasma and ascites fluid
ExoQuick-TC™ Tissue culture media, saliva, urine, follicular fluid and breast milk
ExoQuick-CG™ For pre-clinical in vivo applications
ExoQuick-LP™ Remove contaminating lipoprotein particles from plasma/serum before ExoQuick™ precipitation

Amplification and profiling of exosome RNA
We offer an exosome RNA amplification and profiling kit. Find out more here

Exosome-depleted FBS growth supplement
We also offer an exosome-depleted FBS growth supplement. Find out more here

Material available for download

ExoQuick-TC™ Datasheet
ExoQuick-TC™ User Manual

ExoQuick-TC citation list


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