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cDNA Normalisation Kit

cDNA Normalisation Kit
Cambridge Bioscience offers a kit for the normalisation of amplified full-length-enriched cDNA prepared using either the Evrogen Mint cDNA synthesis kits (Click Here to find out more) or the Clontech SMART-based kits. With equalised abundances of different transcripts, the cDNA produced using the Trimmer-2 kit is ideal for the construction of cDNA libraries and for direct sequencing, including high-throughput sequencing on the next generation sequencing platforms (Roche/454™, ABI/SOLiD™ or Illumina®/Solexa).

Benefits of Using the Trimmer-2 cDNA Nomalisation Kit
• Simple procedure - no physical separation steps
• Reliable repeated transcript removal
• Full-length-enriched cDNA equalised
• Fully compatible with Illumina, Life Technologies and Roche sequencing platforms
• Well cited

Material Available for Download
Trimmer-2 cDNA Normalisation Kit Manual
Trimmer-2 cDNA Normalisation Kit Flyer

Trimmer-2 cDNA Nomalisation Kit Citation List

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