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Resolvin D1 ELISA

Resolvin D1 ELISA

Cambridge Bioscience offers an extremely sensitive kit for the detection of Resolvin D1 in cell culture samples. With a 10-20 pg/ml detection limit, this competitive assay also incorporates the stable acetylcholine esterase (AChE) tracer. AChE has a low background and an increased signal/noise ratio as compared to TMB and plates can be re-developed in case of spillage.

Due to the number and variation of potential sample types, this assay has been validated in Cayman’s ELISA Buffer (CAY400060) diluted to 1X (0.1 M potassium phosphate containing 0.1% BSA, 0.1% sodium chloride, 1 mM EDTA, and 0.01% sodium azide) and DMEM containing phenol red and 10% FBS. This assay has a range from 3.3-2,000 pg/ml and sensitivity (80% B/B0) of approximately 15 pg/ml.

Benefits of Using Resolvin D1 ELISA
• 10-20 pg/ml sensitivity
• 3.3-2,000 pg/ml assay range
• Detect RvD1 in multiple sample types
• Measure RvD1 levels down to 15 pg/ml


Why Choose A Cayman Chemical Assay
Measure with confidence. Sensitivity defined.

Material Available For Download
Resolvin D1 ELISA Kit Protocol


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