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Active Endosome Escape Based Transfection Reagent
Breast Cancer Cell Optimisesd Transfection Reagent
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HeLa-Optimised DNA Transfection Reagent

HeLa-Optimised DNA Transfection Reagent

Cambridge Bioscience offers a high efficiency, low toxicity, plasmid DNA transfection reagent specifically optimised for HeLa transfection. Ideal for both stable and transient transfection, deliver single or multiple plasmids to cells.

Benefits of Using TransIT-HeLaMONSTER®
• Low cellular toxicity
• High efficiency delivery - 50-60% transfection efficiency
• Stable & transient transfection
• Deliver single or multiple plasmids
• Serum compatible

TransIT-HeLaMONSTER® Kit Achieves High Transfection Efficiency

TansIT-HeLa Monster

HeLa cells transfected with pEGFP using TransIT-HeLaMONSTER® Kit in complete media for 24 hours.

"Our lab has been satisfied with the routine use of the TransIT-HeLaMONSTER Transfection Kit. Transfections exhibit high target protein expression with very little cell toxicity. Cells remain viable post-transfection and can be readily infected with virus without any problems."
Dr. Corine St. Gelais, The Ohio State University – Center for Retrovirus Research

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Material Available for Download
TransIT-HeLaMONSTER® Protocol
TransIT-HeLaMONSTER® Quick Reference Protocol


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