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Calcium Detection via the Aequorin Complex

Calcium Detection via the Aequorin Complex

Cambridge Bioscience offers both native coelentrazine and a selection of synthetic coelentrazine analogues for detecting calcium. Each of the synthetic derivatives boasts a unique sensitivity resulting from generation of 3% to 190 times the brightness of native coelentrazine. Uniquely among these, coelentrazine e enables the ratiometric quantification of Ca2+ levels through its dual emission peaks.

The aequorin complex (coelenterazine & apoaequorin) has been used as an excellent calcium indicator that can measure a broad concentration range of calcium from ~0.1 uM to >100 uM using native coelentrazine. 

Luminescent Properties of Coelenterazine Products with Apoaequorin*
Luminescent Properties of Coelenterazine Products with Apoaequorin

We offer each of these substrates separately and also as part of the sampler kit containing 25ug aliquots of the coelentrazine native, cp, f, fcp, h, hcp, i, ip & n analogues at greater than 98% purity. In addition Coelentrazine (native) and Coelentrazine h are also available in special formulations readily soluble in water and PBS.

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